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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Facilities is a broad topic. Here’s our most common client questions.

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What makes AECUS different?

We operate with a belief that we can be the change that we want to see in the facilities management industry in Asia Pacific. Today, we are actively engaged by clients to not just provide our expertise, but present a keen eye and earnestness in telling them what works and what doesn’t. We passionately do this because we understand what its like to be an occupier or service provider. Our team members have extensive FM experience in the region and are cognisant of the underlying cultures, nuances and capabilities needed to make things work.

Can AECUS work with any brand of IoT technology?

Yes, we are brand agnostic and we provide an open platform that will work with any brand of sensors. We recognise that a manufacturer or brand may not consistently have the best sensors for each application, and we need to offer the flexibility of using different sensor types. Subject to the client’s business needs and budget, we will work to find the right solutions and sensors.  There will also be occasions where clients have pre-existing sensors and we will help to weigh the benefits of a sensor replacement or sensor retrofit to integrate the data onto our platform.

How does AECUS design a bespoke solution for a client?

Understanding the client’s business problems is first and foremost.  We take a holistic approach of balancing costs, hardware architecture, database and software architecture, software applications, cybersecurity requirements, ongoing cloud costs, system resiliency and redundancy.  Essentially, we will design the ecosystem and ensure a future-proof solution for our clients.

How does AECUS support clients in the FM outsourcing process?

FM outsourcing can be a complicated exercise with its success dependent on achieving the right combination of conditions. The reality is that we see clients achieve their desired outcomes even with a mixed model of outsourcing and self-performance. There is no hard-and-fast formula for success, but there are poor outsourcing approaches that can put a client’s business operations and budgets at risk. To start with, AECUS works with clients to clearly understand current state and business requirements, and evaluate risks and opportunities. We do not believe in a standardised RFP approach. The AECUS RFP methodology takes clients through a systematic process that develops a customised approach which effectively engages the market and attracts quality proposals and on-time RFP completion. Coupled with the experience of our consultants in regional mobilisation and operational delivery, we help both clients and providers bridge the challenges between RFP and Go-Live operations.

How can audits bring value to our business?

Audits go beyond understanding the current state of one’s facilities. When done right, it is an effective tool for identifying risks and proactively implement improvements and changes in anticipation of business needs. For both the occupier or provider, a 3rd party audit helps to validate service standards and performance and cost savings.