News Release

AECUS leads Build21 Group, SE Asia’s first smart building solutions provider

SINGAPORE – 9 March 2018

AECUS Asia Consulting (AECUS), in collaboration with Ampotech and Tanand Technology, has launched Build21, SE Asia’s first smart building solutions group. Build21 leverages IoT solutions to deliver affordable and practical solutions for small to mid-size buildings.

The Singapore-based consulting firm started out in 2016 providing facilities management advisory services and has received growing request for smart building solutions.  It quickly became apparent that getting the right IOT solutions into existing buildings was complex and required different areas of expertise.

“Having well designed solutions at the right ROI is complex,” said Ms. Aileen Neoh, AECUS Founding Partner. “And having these solutions blend with existing systems and processes adds to the complexity. Our background in the build environment is a key strength to helping our clients overcome these challenges. Collectively, Build21 offers end-to-end capabilities from validating solutions to selecting the right combination of sensors and platform to integration with systems and processes. The group operates like a robust think-tank and have developed some really innovative solutions, which has exceeded our expectations since we started this journey.”

Build21 is built to serve SE Asia’s unique and diverse market. Todate, the group is already working on several key retail projects and are in the midst of preparing for a smart hotel project. They are currently in talks with other partners to bring different layers of innovation and further develop its offerings.


Founded in 2006, AECUS is a Singapore-based consulting firm providing facilities management advisory services across the Asia region.  The company have advised on smart solutions for hotel, mall, retail outlet, luxury elderly apartment projects. AECUS is actively engaged with leading researchers to develop and bring new technology to smart buildings, smart cities, and the health and sport sector. AECUS is a partner to Ericsson’s IoT ecosystem and part of Singtel’s innovation lab.

About Ampotech

Based out of Singapore, Ampotech provides solutions for energy management and appliance/asset monitoring in offices, retail spaces, hotels and homes.

About Tanand Technology

Founded in 2013, Tanand Technology has deployed over 1000 IoT sensors and devices to help buildings achieve more than 10,000 Kw energy savings to date.